About Us



Boldy industrial air cooler is located in Ahmedabad.

Boldy Ductable Air Cooler has an engineering plastic single moulded body which is light in weight. approx weight of air cooler is 70 kgs. it can be easily pick up by two persons.

Large airflow can cool large & open spaces economically, two air discharge type (down & top).

In Boldy air cooler, you can make 60 ft in line up ducting and can give 7 air grill out late.

Using aerodynamically designed axial fan, with large airflow, low energy consumption and wide applicability.

Boldy Ductable Air Coolers operates on the simple principle of evaporation e cooling. it does not have any drum inside. so maintenance is almost negligible.

Using high-quality copper wired – aluminium housing motor, with good heat dissipation, high protection.

Using uniquely designed on-clogging type water distribution system which maximises cooling efficiency by ensuring smooth and continuous water flow across the cooling pads.

We enrich the experience, we continually endeavour to upgrade and provide innovative products which are more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Boldy Ductable Air Coolers provides turbo axial fan which gives the most powerful air with very low noise.

Using highly efficient cooling pads with large evaporation capacity, good cooling efficiency and easy to clean.

Boldy Ductable Air Cooler has world’s best invertor motor (our manufacture) which is maintenance-free and with only 1 unit per hr. and it can be used non stop 24 hrs.